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COVID-19 EMS Agency Protocols and Resources

Below are resources to help EMS practitioners protect themselves and their patients against the Coronavirus. For additional questions and resources, contact us at

Agency Protocols and Resources:




Managing Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19
Summer 2020 NAEMT News  

Clinical Resources:  COVID-19 ED Management Tool

Tool focused on the care of adult (≥18 years of age) patients in the emergency department. 
Best Practices for Mitigating Ambulance ED Delays  EMS experts provide their perspectives on the operational and potential legal consequences of ambulance parking. 
Planning  Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Outline for EMS and PSAP

A COOP outline produced by NASEMSO to maintain mission-essential functions during ongoing operations if/when a resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic and/or another event occurs.

Resource  COVID-19 testing consent form 

Informed consent form for COVID-19 diagnostic testing. 

Survey &

IAFC Fire & EMS Force Protection PPE Needs Survey

Survey to gauge the inventory of PPE for Fire & EMS Departments and other supply chain needs

Survey & Analysis

IAFC Fire Department and EMS Services Personnel Impact Survey 

Survey to evaluate the impact on the Fire and EMS Services from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Guidance on EMS Preparedness for Coronavirus COVID-19

Directive on dispatch, transport and how the EMS rules interact for EMS providers.
Delmar-Bethlehem EMS Self-Care During the Pandemic Wellness Message for EMS Providers from a Mental Health Professional 

MedStar (TX)

MedStar Medical Directive - March Update

Evaluation protocols of a potential COVID-19 patient

MedStar (TX)

MedStar 2019-nCov Field Process V2

Infographic: Evaluation protocols of a potential COVID-19 patient

MedStar (TX)

MedStar Supervisor 2019-nCov Screening Process V3

Infographic: Supervisor nCov Screening Process

MedStar (TX)

MedStar HCID_nCov Call Take Process V4

Infographic: Call Taking Processv for High Consequence Infectious Disease and nCov

MedStar (TX)

MedStar Donning and Duffing Procedures

Infographic: Dispatch Screening Algorithm

Sumner County (TN)  Protocol Update: Clinical Treatment of Patients Suspected of COVID-19 Exposure or Infection 

Updated recommendation referencing bacterial/viral filter usage [Filter Photos]

Sumner County (TN)  Sumner County EMS COVID-19 Plan Sumner County EMS Pandemic Plan For COVID-19
Sumner County (TN)  Recommended Pandemic Response Guidelines for Fire Departments Recommendations for limiting exposure of firefighters to COVID-19, thereby reducing infections and transmissions of the virus to other first responders and/or patients
Sumner County (TN)  Treatment for Employees that Test Positive for COVID-19 Recommendations for employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 infection
Sumner County (TN)   Clinical Treatment of Patients Suspected of COVID-19 Exposure or Infection Recommendations for treating patients who are suspected of being exposed to or infected by COVID-19
Sumner County (TN)  Infectious Disease / Pandemic Plan Plan to minimize the effects of an epidemic/pandemic in Sumner County