Advancing the EMS profession

NAEMT Committees

In accordance with NAEMT’s Bylaws, the NAEMT Board of Directors establishes committees to assist the Board in carrying out the mission of NAEMT. The President of NAEMT is authorized to make appointments to committees. Most committee assignments are made by the NAEMT President at the beginning of his/her two-year term and are reviewed annually. 

In accepting a committee appointment, members are committing themselves to fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  1. To fully participate in the work of the committee, including attendance at meetings and conference calls of the committee.
  2. To familiarize themselves with the subject matter being considered by the committee, including any NAEMT policies or positions that may relate to the work of the committee.
  3. To respect the variety of viewpoints and perspectives presented by each of the committee members.
  4. To fully support the decisions of the committee, even when they differ from personal opinion.

The Board of Directors has established the following committees to assist the Board in carrying out the mission of NAEMT.  For a description of each committee and a listing of committee members, click on the name of each committee listed below. Members interested in serving on an NAEMT committee should complete the committee interest form.

NAEMT Committees

  • Advocacy Committee (standing)

  • Affiliate Advisory Council (standing)

  • Candidacy and Elections Committee (standing)

  • Education Committee (standing)

  • Education Program Committees (special)

  • Regional Education Committee (standing)

  • EMS Disaster Preparedness Committee (standing)

  • EMS Economics Committee (standing)

  • EMS Lighthouse Leadership (special)

  • EMS Workforce Committee (standing)

  • Executive Committee (standing)

  • Finance Committee (standing)

  • Membership Committee (standing)

  • Military Relations Council (standing)