Advancing the EMS profession

NAEMT Advocacy Coordinators

NAEMT Advocacy Coordinators are NAEMT Members (Certified or Licensed EMS practitioners) who are appointed to support the association’s advocacy goals by building NAEMT advocacy efforts within their state. An Advocacy Coordinator’s roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Building a grassroots network of EMS advocates with the state. Conducts outreach to EMS professionals and encourages participation in national EMS advocacy efforts.
  • Communicating regularly with their grassroots network to provide updates on national EMS legislation and regulation.
  • Communicating with U.S. Senators and House Representatives and their congressional office staff about the issues impacting the effective delivery of EMS to communities within the state.
  • Building and maintaining good relations with elected officials in the state, the state EMS Office and leadership of state EMS association(s). 
  • Attending monthly virtual briefings.
  • Supporting and participating in NAEMT national advocacy campaigns.
  • Identifying, training, and overseeing the work of assistant advocacy coordinators in their state.
  • Providing quarterly reports on NAEMT advocacy efforts in the state.

Interested in learning more about federal EMS issues and getting involved in grassroots advocacy? Click on the list of NAEMT Advocacy Coordinators below, then on the name of the appointed coordinator to communicate with them directly. If the Advocacy Coordinator position is open in your state, interested NAEMT members may apply for the position HERE

Advocacy Coordinators