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2021 NAEMT Annual Report

View Annual Report | In 2021, the pandemic continued to bring uncertainty and challenges to our lives. Through all the ups and downs, EMS practitioners continued to serve their communities with fortitude and compassion – from administering vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, to treating the victims of mass casualty incidents, to responding to the epidemic of mental health crises and drug overdoses. Your perseverance and determination to move forward with recovery was truly remarkable. NAEMT is proud to serve the EMS workforce.We encourage you to share this report with your colleagues.


EMS Week 3-2-22

Watch this video message from NAEMT President Bruce Evans. The 2022 EMS Week will honor the vital role of EMS professionals in helping the nearly 20,000 cities, towns and villages across our country. We support EMS Week because we believe in educating the public and stakeholders about prehospital medicine and the services provided by EMS to the community. For inspiration in planning the week’s events, check out our website.


NAEMT EMS Recruitment Guide

Download Guide | In response to the ongoing, critical personnel shortages that our agencies are facing, NAEMT’s EMS Workforce Committee has collected some best practices and successful case studies of EMS agency recruitment strategies. Their work has been compiled into a new guide on Innovative Recruitment Strategies for EMS Agencies. This guide includes:

• Tips for starting a recruiting program.
• Case studies on what’s worked for EMS agencies.
• Practical advice on getting out the word about job openings and marketing your EMS agency using social media.





Watch Video | Being in EMS is a pretty rewarding profession. You get a chance to make a difference in people's lives. Occasionally, you're lucky enough to save people. But there are also a lot of stressors. NAEMT President Bruce Evans, Fire Chief Upper Pine River Fire Protection District, gives his perspective on the importance of managing stress is critical for mental health in EMS. Read Story 



New Course | NAEMT, with support from FirstNet®, Built with AT&T, is pleased to announce the availability of the new Mental Health Resilience Officer (MHRO) course to assist EMS agencies in building and supporting the mental health resilience of their personnel. The online MHRO course prepares EMS personnel to serve as their agency’s Mental Health Resilience Officer. In this role, the MHRO will engage with peers to develop an understanding of mental health issues and resilience; identify peers who are experiencing mental health stressors and crises; navigate peers in need to the right services for help; and support the development of a culture of mental health resilience and emotional wellness within the agency.