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ASTHO Report

View Report  Accidental drug overdose in the United States has escalated over the past two decades. Responding to this growing crisis, public and private agencies across multiple sectors have implemented or supported overdose prevention, treatment, recovery support, and harm reduction strategies. EMS practitioners play a critical role in overdose response efforts. Some agencies have integrated a range of novel and innovative strategies that extend beyond providing immediate respiratory support, administering naloxone, and transporting overdose patients to the emergency department (ED).



Read Story Being in EMS is a pretty rewarding profession. You get a chance to make a difference in people's lives. Occasionally, you're lucky enough to save people. But there are also a lot of stressors. NAEMT President Bruce Evans, Fire Chief Upper Pine River Fire Protection District, gives his perspective on the importance of managing stress is critical for mental health in EMS. 




Last spring, Jack Holdsworth, like millions of other teens, saw his vision for his senior year of high school evaporate. The track championships he’d trained for? Cancelled. Graduation? Drive-through only. The biggest disappointment came when he found out his freshman year at American University was going to be
online, meaning he wouldn’t be leaving home in Connecticut for new adventures in Washington, D.C. “That stung,” he said. Holdsworth didn’t let the setbacks keep him from moving forward. Inspired by his Dad, a longtime paramedic, Holdsworth got his first job as a paid EMT on his 18th birthday, right in the middle of summer’s COVID-19 surge.
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COVID-19 Impact on EMS National Report

Download Report Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, EMS agencies have struggled with a multitude of challenges. In April, 2020, NAEMT conducted a national survey of EMS agency leaders to understand the current impact of COVID-19 on EMS agencies and personnel. A summary of the results was published in May 2020. A follow up survey was conducted in April 2021. Responses were received from 435 agency leaders from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and D.C. This report documents the findings of the national survey.



NAEMT Cost Collection Guide for EMS Agencies

Download Cost Collection Guide. NAEMT has published a new Cost Collection Guide to help EMS agencies gain the full scope of costs involved in operating their ground ambulance service. NAEMT extends a very special thank you to the members of the task force that developed content for the guide: Matt Zavadsky, Chris Hanson, Steve Kroll, Adam Parker, Matt Sorrentino and Deborah Von-Seggern Johnson.