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May 19-25 marks the 50th anniversary of EMS Week. It's a time to show our gratitude toward to EMTs and paramedics who provide lifesaving care across the nation every day. EMS Week is also a time to educate the public about EMS, and the essential service we provide to communities.  This year’s theme is “Honoring Our Past, Forging Our Future.” NAEMT partners with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) on EMS Week to encourage the nationwide recognition of EMS Week and contributions of EMS professionals.  Learn More



Episode 32 | Lights and Sirens Reduction. Mecklenburg EMS Agency NC (MEDIC) achieves a 70% reduction in the use of lights and sirens during responses and a 78% decrease in Medic-involved traffic incidents. We are now aware of the academic research and trials underway to reduce the use of lights and sirens during emergency response and transport. In this edition, Steve Wirth Esq, EMS lawyer, and John ‘JP’ Peterson, Executive Director of The Mecklenburg EMS Agency, discuss the reasons, risks, liability, benefits, and outcomes of L&S reduction.

Steve Wirth highlights the benefits for and risks against adopting a policy of appropriate L&S use and JP Peterson discusses MEDIC's award-winning and pioneering Response Configuration program. This initiative, launched in April 2023, strategically enhanced MEDIC's response protocols to emergency calls, leading to significant operational improvements. Notably, within six months, comprehensive data analysis highlighted that the new configuration had no negative effects on patient outcomes, optimized resource allocation, and led to a substantial 70% reduction in the use of lights and sirens during responses. Additionally, it achieved a 78% decrease in Medic-involved traffic incidents, significantly enhancing safety for both the community and emergency responders. These impressive outcomes not only demonstrate MEDIC's innovative approach to EMS but also underscore its unwavering commitment to improving patient care, safety, and efficiency within the greater Charlotte area.


Presentation to the County Board of Commissioners on L&S Reduction

Medic pleased with how reduced 'light and sirens' response configuration is working:

Episode 31 | Special EMS On The Hill Day Coverage and NAEMT Legislative Issues. Recorded at the 2024 NAEMT EMS On The Hill Day event, April 17-18, Host Rob Lawrence chats with NAEMT President Susan Bailey and President-elect Chris Way on our Requests to Congress this year:

  • Support EMS Reimbursement for Treatment in Place (TIP). NAEMT has long advocated for providing EMS agencies the flexibility to navigate patients to the right care in the right setting through federal and state reimbursement of TIP. Reimbursing EMS agencies for TIP will save Medicare billions of dollars on unnecessary emergency department visits and provide needed benefits For EMS agencies.
  • House Support for the Community Paramedicine Act of 2024 (H.R. 8042) would create a grant program under the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) that would authorize $25 million per year for five years to support community paramedicine services and other provisions.
  • Support for SIREN ACT reauthorization for an additional five years and encourage Congress to include $32M in FY2025 for SIREN Grants.
  • Protect Access to Ground Ambulance Medical Services to extend the current temporary increases under the Medicare ambulance fee schedule of 2% urban, 3% rural and 22.6% super rural for another three years, through December 31, 2027. 

Learn more: Online Legislative Service

Episode 30 | EMS Apprenticeship Programs. A discussion with Henry Lewis, executive director of the South Carolina EMS Association, and Lieutenant Joseph Coley of Tazewell EMS, Virginia, includes funding, start up, candidate selection and results. Topics also include scholarships, apprenticeship, rural health tuition assistance programs, and an earn-while-you-learn program to increase staffing numbers. 

Episode 29 | Prehospital Antibiotics for Open Fractures. NAEMT Medical Director Dr. Doug Kupas, medical director for Geisinger EMS and co-director of Mobile Integrated Healthcare for Geisinger Health System, and Dr. Joey Johnson, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and director of clinical research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham discuss prehospital antibiotic administration for suspected open fractures. Hear their insights on open fractures causing significant morbidity for orthopedic patients and how early antibiotic administration has been shown to decrease infectious sequelae of these fractures. They discuss also how through prehospital administration of antibiotics, time to antibiotics has been shown to decrease while maintaining a strong safety profile. The Committee on Trauma and Orthopedic Trauma Association jointly backed a position statement on the use of prehospital antibiotics in suspected open fractures and conclude that the prehospital administration of antibiotics for open fracture prophylaxis is safe, inexpensive, and effective for decreasing the sequelae of open fractures.

NAEMT Radio is hosted by NAEMT Member and Lighthouse Leadership Program Mentor – Rob Lawrence. View other NAEMT Radio episodes 



NAEMT EMS Recruitment Guide

Download Guide | In response to the ongoing, critical personnel shortages that our agencies are facing, NAEMT’s EMS Workforce Committee has collected some best practices and successful case studies of EMS agency recruitment strategies. Their work has been compiled into a new guide on Innovative Recruitment Strategies for EMS Agencies. This guide includes:

• Tips for starting a recruiting program.
• Case studies on what’s worked for EMS agencies.
• Practical advice on getting out the word about job openings and marketing your EMS agency using social media.




MIH-CP Survey

View Report | Over the past decade, NAEMT has compiled information on approximately 400 EMS agencies nationwide in over 40 states that have launched MIH or CP programs. In February 2023, NAEMT surveyed these agencies to determine the current status of their programs. NAEMT also asked other national associations to share the survey link with their networks of MIH-CP programs.



Employee Engagement

View Article | How Lancaster County EMS Built a Culture of Employee Engagement
When Clayton Catoe became director of Lancaster County EMS a decade ago, morale at the South Carolina agency was suffering. Under his leadership, Lancaster County EMS has built a strong culture of employee engagement, and the department is thriving. Today, the agency operates nine ALS trucks, has 116 full and part-time employees, and answers nearly 20,000 calls annually. Read the Full Story.

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