Advancing the EMS profession

EMS Research

One of NAEMT’s core values is the belief that professional education, national education standards and research are essential to the consistent delivery of high quality, evidence-based EMS. NAEMT actively promotes this value through our support of evidence-based EMS research.  NAEMT works with the following organizations:

  • Prehospital Guidelines ConsortiumPrehospital Guidelines Consortium (PGC) – Multiple national organizations are engaged in ongoing efforts to develop, implement and evaluate prehospital evidence-based guidelines (EBGs). The Consortium was created based on The National Prehospital Evidence-Based Guidelines Strategy, a multi-stakeholder initiative to facilitate a collaborative process to establish prehospital EBGs. NAEMT is an organizational member of PGC. You can view all of the guidelines adopted to date here. Download additional EBG resources.

  • National EMS Quality AllianceNational EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA) – This Alliance is designed to promote a culture of quality improvement through a collaborative, sustainable process; develop, validate and/or endorse evidence-based quality measures that are meaningful, feasible, useable, actionable, and relevant; and enhance the value of EMS systems and develop awareness among interested parties about the measure and how best to use them and advocate for improvement. NAEMT is an organizational member of NEMSQA. View and download completed quality measures here.

  • Prehospital Care Research ForumPrehospital Care Research Forum (PCRF) – NAEMT partners with the University of California at Los Angeles PCRF to support organizations and individuals conducting EMS research. The mission of PCRF is to promote, educate and disseminate prehospital research conducted at all provider levels to advance and challenge the future of EMS. Comprised of respected members of the national and international EMS community, PCRF includes clinicians, educators, and representatives from state and local governments, public and private sector EMS providers, and manufacturers providing equipment to the prehospital industry. View PCRF Resources: