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World Trauma Symposium

The World Trauma Symposium, to be held on September 14-15 will provide eight hours of prehospital trauma sessions from experts in trauma care practice and innovation. This year's theme is Trauma Care in a Changing World.

Designed by NAEMT's Prehospital Trauma Committee, the symposium will feature insights from the top global experts who are delivering these new solutions. The program incorporates expert presentations, panel discussions, debates, time for participant questions, the latest trauma technology, and opportunities to network with practitioners and physicians from around the world. It's prehospital trauma education you can't get anywhere else! 

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The symposium is held in conjunction with EMS World Expo and provides up to 8 hours of CAPCE-accredited CE or CME.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe best practices for tourniquet use on pediatric patients.
  • Identify adult and pediatric airway management techniques.
  • Identify the impact of COVID-19 on prehospital and trauma care. 
  • Explain the difference in various prehospital analgesia. 
  • Summarize agency use of whole blood in prehospital care.
  • Recognize critical errors in multi trauma prehospital procedures.
  • Compare thoracic trauma treatment approaches for tension pneumothorax.
  • Recognize innovative approaches to hemodynamic control of traumatic bleeding.