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Membership Coordinators

NAEMT Membership Coordinators are NAEMT members who have been appointed by the Membership Committee Chair to help build and support NAEMT's membership outreach, recruitment and retention within their respective states. Their roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting NAEMT membership marketing campaigns with targeted outreach to introductory and former individual NAEMT members, and potential and former agency member contacts;
  • Presenting and discussing the benefits of NAEMT membership in state level EMS publications, and at state or local events focused on EMS and/or mobile integrated healthcare;
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the state EMS office and state EMS association(s), encouraging participation in Combined Membership;
  • Reviewing the association's membership statistics on a regular basis, noting any significant changes or trends;
  • Sharing “best practices” for outreach, growth and retention with the network of membership coordinators;
  • Serving as a positive ambassador for NAEMT.

Contact your membership coordinator and let them know you are interested in supporting NAEMT membership awareness and outreach efforts in your state, or if you have questions about NAEMT membership.

NAEMT is committed to securing a membership coordinator for every state and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Applicants are required to be active NAEMT members for at least one year.

If the Membership Coordinator position is open in your state, interested NAEMT members may apply for the position HERE.

Membership Coordinators