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Dept. of Justice Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Award Nominations Due July 31

Jul 12, 2018

July 31 is the deadline to submit nominations for the 2018 Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Award 

Nominations for the 2018 Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Award, administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, close on July 31, 2018. The Medal of Valor is the highest national award that can be bestowed on civilian public safety officers.  It is awarded, by the President or Vice President of the United States, to a public safety officer who has exhibited exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and presence of mind, and unusual swiftness of action, regardless of his or her own personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect human life.

For the purpose of this award, a public safety officer is defined as a person serving a public agency, with or without compensation, as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, or emergency services officer. The term "law enforcement officer" includes a person who is a corrections or court officer or a civil defense officer. Please submit your hero nominations today for consideration for this award. 

Click the links to the nomination application and to view a short video.

1.      Medal Of Valor Nomination Period Video -

2.      Link to MOV nomination form -