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It's NAEMT Elections Time! Meet the Candidates.

Oct 01, 2019

Dear NAEMT Members:

NAEMT elections will begin soon! Only Active members of NAEMT are eligible to vote in support of candidates. If you would like to vote in the upcoming election, click here to upgrade your membership.

The candidates seeking a position on the NAEMT Board of Directors are listed on our website. Please take a moment to review each candidate's information, including:

  • Statement of candidacy
  • Background information
  • Letter of support from an NAEMT member
  • Responses to questions posed by the Candidacy and Elections Committee, and
  • Endorsements of candidates by individual members in good standing.

In addition, your Board of Directors has recommended changes to the Bylaws that you will also be asked to approve through our electronic voting process. View the proposed bylaws changes HERE.

Every member matters... every vote counts!

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