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ET3 Model Timeline Update -- Go-Live Date Moved to Spring 2020

Oct 30, 2019

ET3 Model RFA Review Process, Model Go-Live Date Change, and NOFO Information

Greetings ET3 Model Applicants,

Thank you for all your efforts and hard work to successfully submit your application(s) into the ET3 Model Request for Applications (RFA) Online Portal. We have received numerous emails from individual applicants requesting us to update their applications with new information. We appreciate and understand the desire to strengthen your application, but please do not send any additional application information to the ET3 Model Inbox at this time. If any additional information is needed during this application review period, you will receive an email from CMS with specific instructions. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

IMPORTANT TIMELINE UPDATE: The Model Go-Live Date has been pushed back to Spring 2020, from the original anticipated date of January 2020. Once the application review process is finished and applicants are selected to be participants in the Model, this delay will allow more time for selected participants to review the terms and conditions of the Model and set up partnerships needed to implement ET3 Model interventions. The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) where 911 dispatch systems will apply to establish or expand a medical triage line is expected to be announced shortly after this date.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries about this update or news, please contact us at the ET3 Model Inbox, visit the ET3 Model website, or consult the ET3 Model FAQ webpage.

Please disseminate this information to all of your application partners or other relevant stakeholders to ensure they are aware of the change to the start date of the Model.

Thank you again for being a valued stakeholder and for your efforts to improve the delivery and quality of care of the EMS system.

ET3 Model Team