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NAEMT National Report on Engagement and Satisfaction in EMS

View Report | NAEMT is pleased to present the results of our 2022 National Survey on EMS Workforce Engagement and Satisfaction. Earlier this year, NAEMT asked our members and other EMS practitioners about various aspects of their jobs, including pay, how well supported they feel by employers, and if they had plans to leave the profession. In nearly 1,300 responses, EMS practitioners painted a picture of a workforce that remains dedicated to caring for patients and serving the community, but is under a high degree of strain. They also shared their ideas for how EMS agencies could improve engagement and satisfaction. We thank the following members of NAEMT’s EMS Workforce Committee for their contributions to the survey: Robert Luckritz, Aaron Florin, Garrett Hedeen, Julius Jackson, Lawson Stuart, Mark Ponder, Mike Szczygiel and Mike Thomas. NAEMT also thanks FirstNet, Built with AT&T, for its generous sponsorship of the report.





New Course | NAEMT, with support from FirstNet®, Built with AT&T, is pleased to announce the availability of the new Mental Health Resilience Officer (MHRO) course to assist EMS agencies in building and supporting the mental health resilience of their personnel. The online MHRO course prepares EMS personnel to serve as their agency’s Mental Health Resilience Officer. In this role, the MHRO will engage with peers to develop an understanding of mental health issues and resilience; identify peers who are experiencing mental health stressors and crises; navigate peers in need to the right services for help; and support the development of a culture of mental health resilience and emotional wellness within the agency.


NAEMT EMS Recruitment Guide

Download Guide | In response to the ongoing, critical personnel shortages that our agencies are facing, NAEMT’s EMS Workforce Committee has collected some best practices and successful case studies of EMS agency recruitment strategies. Their work has been compiled into a new guide on Innovative Recruitment Strategies for EMS Agencies. This guide includes:

• Tips for starting a recruiting program.
• Case studies on what’s worked for EMS agencies.
• Practical advice on getting out the word about job openings and marketing your EMS agency using social media.




Mass Attacks Defense Toolkit

View Toolkit | The Mass Attacks Defense Toolkit can help reduce casualties from mass shootings and other violent attacks. Funded by the National Department of Justice, this toolkit was created by RAND Corporation researchers to help reduce the likelihood of mass shootings and other public attacks, and reduce the casualties of completed attacks. Whatever your role or level of experience, this toolkit can make you a better defender against mass attacks.


Home_BoxedFeature EMSVax
View Toolkit | NAEMT published a vaccine toolkit that can be used by EMS agencies to help local public health officials understand how EMS can support local vaccination efforts. EMS: A Valuable Resource for Community Vaccination Campaigns details the attributes that make EMS agencies, and the paramedics and EMTs who provide clinical care an ideal resource for vaccination initiatives. EMS is especially well-suited for immunization campaigns that target medically underserved populations.

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