Advancing the EMS profession

Public Awareness

The citizens of your community are your clients, but in many ways, they're your employers too. All EMS agencies operate at the discretion of the public and their elected representatives, who set the rules for delivering emergency medical care in their jurisdictions.

Yet often, members of the public don't understand who their EMS providers are, how they operate and what they exist to do. Educating them can be hard, because there's no simple way to reach people, and because systems can vary so much in structure and form. As the saying goes, if you've seen one EMS system, you've seen one EMS system. But that's exactly why it's so important to work to reach out, inform people and raise their awareness of your organization and all it can do.

Below are resources to help you increase public awareness and understanding about the services you provide to your patients and community.

Tips For Raising Awareness of EMS

  • Host an open house

  • Host a public safety or injury prevention event

  • Teach CPR

  • Offer ride-alongs

  • Get to know your local media

  • Host a Survivor Summit

  • Use social media to get the word out

Stroke Awareness

What Is EMS?
What Is EMS? provides an introduction to EMS and is designed to help our communities, elected officials, and stakeholders better understand our profession. Please share it in your community.
NAEMT Fact Sheet
The NAEMT Fact Sheet provides an overview of the association, our members, our continuing education courses, and the association's advocacy efforts on behalf of EMS practitioners and their patients.